Maths Question
Question 27

A frustum of pyramid with square base has its upper and lower section as squares of sizes 2m and 5m respectively and the distance between them 6m. Find the height of the pyramid from which the frustum was obtained.

Question 21

A sector of circle of radius 7.2cm which subtends an angle of 300oat the centre is used to form a cone. What is the radius of the base of the cone? 

Question 29

A cylindrical tank has a capacity of 3080m2. What is the depth of the tank, if the diameter of its base is 14m?

Question 32

In the diagram above are two concentric circles of radii r and R respectively with centre O. If $r=\tfrac{2}{5}R$, express the area of the shaded portion in term of $\pi $and R

Question 33

A bucket is 12cm in diameter at the top, 8cm in diameter at the bottom and 4cm deep. Calculate its volume.

Question 34

In the diagram above, a cylinder is surmounted by a hemispherical bowl. Calculate the volume of the solid.

Question 38

A solid hemisphere has radius 7cm. Find the total surface area (Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7} )

Question 26

A trapezium has two parallel sides of length 5cm and 9cm. If the area is 21cm2. Find the distance between the parallel sides.

Question 4

In the diagram above, PQ = 4cm and TS = 6cm, if the area of parallelogram PQTU is 32 cm2, Find the area of trapezium PQRU

Question 6

PQRSTV is a regular of side 7cm inscribed in a circle. Find the circumference of the circle PQRSTV  [$\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$] 

Question 17

Find the curved surface area of a cone with circular base diameter 10cm and height 12cm

Question 10

In the diagram above $\left| OR \right|$ is the diameter of the semicircle OR. Find the area of the figure of the shape to the nearest whole number

Question 13

In the diagram above, PQ = 10cm, PS = 8cm and $\angle PSR$ is 60o. While SRQ is a right angle. Find SR

Question 27

The area of a square is 144sq.cm, find the length of the diagonal

Question 28

Calculate the length of an arc of a circle of diameter 14cm which subtends an angle of 90o at the centre of the circle

Question 29

The volume of hemispherical bowl is 718$\tfrac{2}{3}$ cm. Find its radius

Question 28

Find the area of the figure above

Question 30

Find the capacity in litres of cylindrical well of 1 metre and depth 14cm. 

Question 29

Find the radius of a sphere whose surface area is 154 cm2

Question 31

If the two smaller size of a right angled triangle are 4cm and 5cm, find its area.

Question 33

A cylindrical pipe 50m long with radius 7 m has one end open. What is the total surface area of the pipe?

Question 28

A circle of perimeter 28cm is opened to form a square. What is the maximum possible area of the square?

Question 30

A solid metal of side 3 cm is placed I a rectangular tank of dimension 3, 4 and 5 cm. What volume of water can the tank hold?

Question 28

Find the area of the trapezium above

Question 30

Calculate the volume of cuboid of length 0.76cm, breadth 2.6cm and height 0.82cm

Question 27

A square has side 30cm. How many of these tiles will a cover a rectangular floor of length 7.2m and width 4.2 m?

Question 30

A cylindrical tank has a capacity of 6160m3. What is the depth of the tank, if the radius of its base is 28m?

Question 20

Find the area of a parallelogram PQRS with base 16cm long and height 8cm