Maths Question
Question 3

Evaluate $\frac{2.813\times {{10}^{-3}}\times 1.063}{5.637\times {{10}^{-2}}}$reducing each number to two significant figures and leaving your answer in two significant figures

Question 1

Evaluate 21.05347 – 1.6324 × 0.43 to 3 decimal places

Question 7

Evaluate $\frac{{{(0.14)}^{2}}\times (0.275)}{7(0.02)}$ correct to 3 decimal places. 

Question 5

Evaluate $\frac{0.21\times 0.72\times 0.00054}{0.006\times 1.68\times 0.063}$ correct to four significant figures. 

Question 4

Evaluate $\frac{{{(0.5625)}^{2}}-{{(0.4375)}^{2}}}{0.04}$ correct to 3 significant figures

Question 4

Express 123456 to 3 significant figure

Question 4

A student measures a piece of rope and found that it was 1.26m long. If the actual length of the rope was 1.25m, what was the percentage error in the measurement?

Question 10

Express the product 0.21 and 0.34 in standard form

Question 4

Evaluate $\tfrac{21}{9}$to 3 significant figures

Question 4

$\begin{align}  & \text{Evaluate }\frac{1.25\times 0.025}{0.05},\text{ correct to 1 decimal place} \\ & \text{(A)  0}\text{.6  (B) 6}\text{.2  (C) 6}\text{.3  (D)  }0.5 \\\end{align}$

Question 4

Express the product of 0.00043 and 2000 in standard form

Question 23

If a student measured the length of a table to be 2.30m instead of 2.50m. What was the percentage error in measuring the length of the table?

Question 22

Simplify $\frac{0.026\times 0.36}{0.69}$ leave your answer in standard form

Question 28

Evaluate $\frac{0.8\times 0.43\times 0.031}{0.05\times 0.07\times 0.021}$ correct to four significant figures.

Question 33

Evaluate $\frac{12.02\times 20.06}{26.04\times 60.06}$ correct to three significant figures

Question 37

If a car travels 120km on 45 litres of petrol, how much petrol is needed for a journey of 600km?

Question 32

Express 0.265 in standard form