Maths Question
Question 4

Audu bought an article for N50.00 and sold it to femi at a loss of x%. Femi later sold the article to Oche at a profit if 40%. If Femi made a profit of N10,000, find the value of x

Question 4

A car dealer bought a second – hand car for N250,000 and spent N70,000 refurbishing it. He then sold the car for N400,000. What is the percentage gain?

Question 6

A trader bought goats for N4,000 each. He sold them for N180,000at a loss of 25%. How many goats did he buy?

Question 5

A woman buys 270 oranges for N1800.00 and sell at 5 for N40.00. What is her profit?

Question 5

A man brought a second – hand photocopy machine for N34,000. He serviced it at a cost of N2,000 and sold it a profit of 15%. What was the selling price?

Question 3

A woman bought a grinder for N60000. She sold it at a loss of 15%. How much did she sell it?

Question 41

A brought a car for N500,000 and was able to sell it for N350,000, what was his percentage loss?