Maths Question
Question 5

if $\tfrac{y}{2}=x$, evaluate $\left( \tfrac{{{x}^{3}}}{{{y}^{3}}}+\tfrac{1}{2} \right)\times \left( \tfrac{1}{2}-\tfrac{{{x}^{2}}}{{{y}^{2}}} \right)$

Question 3

Simplify 52.4 – 5.7 – 3.45 – 1.75

Question 22

If –2 is the solution of the equation  2x + 1 – 3c = 2c + 3x – 7, find the value of c

Question 8

A cinema hall contains a certain number of people. If 22½% are children,47½ %are men and 84 are women, find the number of men in the hall

Question 42

Three teacher shared a packet of chalk. The first teacher got $\frac{2}{5}$of the chalk  and the second teacher received $\frac{2}{15}$of the remainder. What fraction did the third teacher received ?

Question 27

A father decided to give 20% of his monthly income to his three children as their monthly allowance. The eldest child got 45% of the allowance and the youngest got 25%. How much was the father’s monthly income, if the second child got N3000.

Question 47

f m = 3,  p = –3  q =7 and  r = $\tfrac{5}{2}$, evaluate $m(p+q+r)$

Question 26

The cost of renovating a 6msquare is N540. What is the cost of renovating a 9m square room

Question 43

Find the tax on th income of N20,000. IF no tax is paid on the first N10,000 and tax is paid N50 in N1000 on the next N5000 and at N55 in N1000 on the remainder.

Question 6

The sum of the ages of Musa and Lawal is 28 years. After sharing a certain sum of money in the ratio of their ages, Musa get N600 and Lawal N800. How is old is Lawal?

Question 6

The cost of kerosene per litre increases from N 60 to N 85. What is the percentage rate of increase

Question 24

If p and q are two non – zero numbers and 18(p + q) = (18 + p)q. which if the following must be true

(a) q =18 (b) p =18  (c) p < 1 (d) q < 1

Question 43

The sum of four consecutive integers is 34, find the least of these numbers

Question 5

A man earns N3,500 per month out of which he spends 15% on his children’s education. If he spend 15% on his additional N 1950 on food, how much does he have left?

Question 5

A man donates 10% of his monthly net earning to his church. If it amounts to N4500, what is net monthly income?

Question 33

A car was put on sale for N12,000. It was sold for a discount of 20%. How much was paid for it