Title waecmaths question
Question 7

A sales boy gave a change of N68 instead of N72. Calculate his percentage error.

Question 34

Approximate 0.0033780 to 3 significant figures

Question 1

Express 302.10495 correct to five significant figures

Question 20

The length of a piece of stick is 1.75m. A girl measured it as 1.80m. Find the percentage error.

Question 45

A shopkeeper allows a discount of 15% on the market price of a mobile phone. If a customer paid GH¢ 170.00 for a mobile phone. What was the marked price of the phone?

Question 1

Simplify 0.000215 × 0.000028 and express your answer in standard form

Question 7

Correct 0.002473 to 3 significant figures

Question 12

A casting is made up of Copper and Zinc. If 65% of the casting is Zinc and there are 147g of Copper. What is the mass of the casting?

Question 35

Express 1975 correct to 2 significant figures

Question 30

Express 2.7864 × 10–3 to two significant figures

Question 32

If 85% of x is N3230, what is the value of x

Question 1

If x% of 240 equal 12, find x

Question 1

Evaluate (0.13)3 correct to three significant figures.

Question 8

If 30% of y is equal to x, what, in terms of x is 30% of 3y

Question 9

A baker used 40% of a 50kg of flour. If $\tfrac{1}{8}$ of the amount used was for cake, how many kilogram of flour was used for the cake? 

Question 1

Correct 0.04945 to two significant figures

Question 36

The salary of a man was increased in the ratio 40: 47. Calculate the percentage increase in the salary

Question 50

The monthly salary of a man increased from N2,700 to N3,200. Find the percentage increase

Question 1

Express 0.0000407 correct to 2 significant figures