Question 50

waecmaths question: 

In the diagram $\overline{OX}$ bisects $\angle YXZ$ and $\overline{OZ}$bisects $\angle YZX$If $\angle XYZ={{68}^{\circ }}$, Calculate the value of $\angle XOZ$

Question 49

waecmaths question: 

Consider the following statements: 

X : Locally manufactured tyres are attractive

Y : Many locally manufactured tyres do not last long

Denoting locally manufactured by M, attractive tyres by R and lost lasting tyres tyres by L.

Which of these Venn diagrams illustrates the statements?

Question 47

waecmaths question: 

A letter is selected from the letter of the English alphabet, What is the probability that letter selected is from the word MATHEMATICS?

Question 45

waecmaths question: 

In the diagram, the shaded part is a carpet laid in a room with dimensions 3.5m by 2.2m leaving a margin of 0.5m round it. Find the area of the margin