Question 30

waecmaths question: 

The figure is a pie chart which represents the expenditures of a family in a year. If the total income of the family was Le 10,800,000.00, how much was spent on food?

Option A: 

Le 2,250,000.00

Option B: 

Le 2,700,000.00

Option C: 

Le 3,600,000.00

Option D: 

Le 4,500,000.00

waecmaths solution: 

$\begin{align}  & The\text{ sector for food }={{360}^{\circ }}-({{70}^{\circ }}+{{80}^{\circ }}+{{90}^{\circ }})={{120}^{\circ }} \\ & Amount\text{ spent on food}=\frac{{{120}^{\circ }}}{{{360}^{\circ }}}\times 10,800,000=3,600,000.00 \\\end{align}$

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