Question 4

Jambmaths question: 

If the midpoint (2, x) and  (y, 2) is (4, 2), the respective value of x and y are

Option A: 

2, 6

Option B: 

3, 6

Option C: 

4, 3

Option D: 


Jamb Maths Solution: 

Midpoint of a line segment is given by $(x,y)=\left( \frac{{{x}_{1}}+{{x}_{2}}}{2},\frac{{{y}_{1}}+{{y}_{2}}}{2} \right)$

$(4,2)=\left( \frac{2+y}{2},\frac{x+2}{2} \right)$

$4=\frac{2+y}{2}---(i),\text{ }y=6$

$2=\frac{x+2}{2}---(ii),\text{ }x=2$

(x,y) =(2,6)

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