Maths Question
Question 1

P3446 – 23P26 = 2PP26. Find the value of digit P

Question 2

If 31410 – 2567 = 340x, find x

Question 3

Evaluate $\frac{2.813\times {{10}^{-3}}\times 1.063}{5.637\times {{10}^{-2}}}$reducing each number to two significant figures and leaving your answer in two significant figures

Question 4

Audu bought an article for N50.00 and sold it to femi at a loss of x%. Femi later sold the article to Oche at a profit if 40%. If Femi made a profit of N10,000, find the value of x

Question 5

If the population of a town was 240,000 in January 1998 and it increased by 2% each year, what will be the population of the town in January 2000

Question 6

Simplify $\frac{3({{2}^{n+1}})-4({{2}^{n-1}})}{{{2}^{n+1}}-{{2}^{n}}}$

Question 7

if $\frac{2\sqrt{3}-2}{\sqrt{3}+2\sqrt{2}}=m+n\sqrt{6}$. If the value of m and n respectively 

Question 8

Evaluate ${{5}^{-3{{\log }_{5}}2}}\times {{2}^{2{{\log }_{2}}3}}$

Question 9

A man wishes to keep some money in a saving deposit at 25% compound interest, so that after 3 years he can buy a car for N150,000. How much does he need to deposit now?

Question 10

Let P ={1, 2, u, v, w, x}

           Q = {2,3, v,w, 5, 6, y}

and R = {2,3, 4, v, x, y}. Determine (PQ)∩R

Question 11

In a youth club with 94 members, 60 like modern music and 50 like traditional music. The number of members who like both traditional and modern music is three times those who do not like any type of music. How many members like only one type of music?

Question 12

if (x – 1), (x + 1) and (x – 2) are factors of the polynomial $a{{x}^{3}}+b{{x}^{2}}+cx-1$. Find a b c respectively 

Question 13

If $\alpha \text{ and }\beta $are roots of the equation $3{{x}^{2}}+5x-2=0$. Find the value of $\tfrac{1}{\alpha }+\tfrac{1}{\beta }$.(A)  $-\tfrac{5}{2}$  (B)  $-\tfrac{3}{2}$  (C)  $\tfrac{1}{2}$  (D)$\tfrac{5}{2}$ 

Question 14

A trader realizes 10 – x2 naira profit from the sales of x bags of corns. How many bags will give him maximum profit.

Question 15

The solution of the simultaneous inequality $2x-2\le y$ and $2y-x\le x$ represented by

Question 16

Solve the inequality 2 –x > x2

Question 17

The 3rd term of an A.P is 4x – 2y and the 9th is 10x – 8y. Find the common difference. 

Question 18

Evaluate $\tfrac{1}{2}-\tfrac{1}{4}+\tfrac{1}{8}-\tfrac{1}{16}+---$

Question 19

Find the inverse of P under the binary operation defined by $p*q=p+q-pq$where p and q are real numbers and zero is the identity

Question 20

A binary operation * is defined by a* b =ab, If  a * 2 =2 – a. Find the possible value of a

Question 21

A matrix $P=\left( \begin{matrix}   a & b  \\   c & d  \\\end{matrix} \right)$is such that PT = -P. PT is the transpose of P. If b = 1, then P is

Question 22

Find the value of t for which the determinant of   the matrix$\left( \begin{matrix}   t-4 & 0 & 0  \\   -1 & t+1 & 1  \\   3 & 4 & t-2  \\\end{matrix} \right)$is zero

Question 23

In a regular polygon, each interior angle doubles its corresponding exterior angle. Find the number of sides of the polygon.

Question 24

In the diagram above, $\angle RPS={{50}^{o}}$, $\angle RPQ={{30}^{o}}$and PQ = QR . Find the value of $\angle PRS$

Question 25

An equilateral triangle of sides $\sqrt{3}$is inscribed in a circle. Find the radius of the circle.

Question 26

In the diagram above , EFGH is a circle, centre O, FH is a diameter and GE is a chord, which meets FH at right angle at point N. If NH is 8cm and EG= 24cm. Calculate FH

Question 27

A frustum of pyramid with square base has its upper and lower section as squares of sizes 2m and 5m respectively and the distance between them 6m. Find the height of the pyramid from which the frustum was obtained.

Question 28

If P and Q are fixed and X is a point which moves so that XP = XQ. The locus of X is

Question 29

P is a point on one side of the straight line UV and P moves in the same direction as UV. If the straight ST is on the locus of P and $\angle VUS={{50}^{o}}$ find $\angle UST$

Question 30

A predator moves in a circle of radius $\sqrt{2}$centre (0,0), while a prey moves along  y = x. If $0\le x\le 2$, at which point will they meet

Question 31

$3y=4x-1$and $ky=x+3$are equation of two straight lines. If the two lines are perpendicular to each other, find k 

Question 32

Find the minimum value of the function $f(\theta )=\frac{2}{3-\cos \theta }\text{ for }0\le \theta \le 2\pi $

Question 33

A ship sails a distance of 50km in the direction S50oE and then sails a distance of 50km N40oE. Find the bearing of the ship from its original position.

Question 34

If $y=2x\cos 2x-\sin 2x$, find $\frac{dy}{dx}$when $x=\tfrac{\pi }{4}$ 

Question 35

The expression of $a{{x}^{2}}+bx+c$equals 5 at x =1. If its derivative is 2x + 1, what are the value of a, b,  respectively.

Question 36

If the volume of hemisphere is increasing at a steady rate of 18πm3s–1 . At what rate is its radius changing when it is 6m

Question 37

Find the value of $\int_{0}^{\pi }{\frac{{{\cos }^{2}}\theta -1}{{{\sin }^{2}}\theta }d\theta }$ 

Question 38

The function f (x) passes through the origin and its first derivative is 3x + 2. What is f(x)?

Question 39

A bowl is designed by resolving completely the area enclosed by y = x2 – 1, y = 0, y = 3 and x ≥ 0 around the y –axis. What is the volume of this bowl?

Question 40

If the diagram above is the graph of y = x2, the shaded area is