Maths Question
Question 1

Evaluate 21.05347 – 1.6324 × 0.43 to 3 decimal places

Question 2

Simplify ${{\left( \sqrt[3]{64{{a}^{3}}} \right)}^{-1}}$

Question 3

Given that $p=1+\sqrt{2}\text{ and }q=1-\sqrt{2}$ evaluate $\frac{{{p}^{2}}-{{q}^{2}}}{2pq}$

Question 4

A car dealer bought a second – hand car for N250,000 and spent N70,000 refurbishing it. He then sold the car for N400,000. What is the percentage gain?

Question 5

if $\tfrac{y}{2}=x$, evaluate $\left( \tfrac{{{x}^{3}}}{{{y}^{3}}}+\tfrac{1}{2} \right)\times \left( \tfrac{1}{2}-\tfrac{{{x}^{2}}}{{{y}^{2}}} \right)$

Question 6

Find the principal which amount to N5,500 at simple interest in 5 years at 2% per annum.

Question 7

Evaluate $\frac{{{(0.14)}^{2}}\times (0.275)}{7(0.02)}$ correct to 3 decimal places. 

Question 8

Divide a3x – 26a2x + 156ax– 216 by a2x – 24ax + 108

Question 9

Triangle SPT is the solution of the linear inequalities

Question 10

















The identity element with respect to the multiplication shown in the table above is

Question 11

A man saves N100.00 in his first year, saves N20.00 more than in the preceding year. In how many years will he save N5,800.00

Question 12

If $P=\left( \begin{matrix}   3 & -2 & 4  \\   5 & 0 & 6  \\   7 & 5 & -1  \\\end{matrix} \right)$ then –2p is 

Question 13

Given the matrix $k=\left( \begin{matrix}   2 & 1  \\   3 & 4  \\\end{matrix} \right)$ the matrix k2 +k +1 is , where I is the 2× 2 identity matrix

Question 14

if two graph $y=p{{x}^{2}}+q$ and $y=2{{x}^{2}}-1$intersect at x = 2. Find the value of p in terms of q

Question 15

Find the integral values of x and y satisfying the inequality 3y + 5x ≤ 15 given y > 0, y < 3, and x >0

Question 16

Evaluate $\left| \begin{matrix}   -1 & -1 & -1  \\   3 & 1 & -1  \\   1 & 2 & 1  \\\end{matrix} \right|$

Question 17

Solve the equation ${{m}^{2}}+{{n}^{2}}=29,\text{  }m+n=7$

Question 18

An operation *is defined on the set of real numbers by a * b  = a + b + 1. If the identity element is –1 . Find the inverse of the element 2 under the operation

Question 19

The sixth term of arithmetic progression is half of its twelfth term. The first term is equal to

Question 20

Factorize $4{{x}^{2}}-9{{y}^{2}}+20x+25$

Question 21

A sector of circle of radius 7.2cm which subtends an angle of 300oat the centre is used to form a cone. What is the radius of the base of the cone? 

Question 22

A point P moves such that it is equidistance from Q and R. Find QR when PR =8cm and $\angle PRQ={{30}^{o}}$

Question 23

Find the value of θ in the diagram above

Question 24

A straight line makes an angle of 30o with the positive x – axis and cut the y – axis at y =5. Find the equation of the straight line

Question 25

Find the value of p if the line joining (p, 4) and (6, –2) is perpendicular to the line joining (2, p) and (–1, – 3)

Question 26

Find the number of sides a regular polygon whose interior angle is twice the exterior angle

Question 27

P(–6,1) and Q(6,6) are two ends of the diameter of a circle the radius.



Question 28

The bearing of P and Q from a common point N are 020o and 300o respectively. If P and Q are also equidistance from N, find the bearing of P from Q

Question 29

A cylindrical tank has a capacity of 3080m2. What is the depth of the tank, if the diameter of its base is 14m?

Question 30

Find the locus of a point which moves such that its distance from the line y = 4 is a constant

Question 31

The chord ST of a chord ST of a circle is equal to the radius r of the circle. Find the length of the arc ST.

Question 32

In the figure above, PQR is a straight line segment, PQ = QT . Triangle PQT is an isosceles triangle. $\angle QPT$is 25o . Calculate the value of $\angle RST$

Question 33

If the gradient of the curve $y=2k{{x}^{2}}+x+1$ at x =  1 is 9. Find k 

Question 34

Evaluate $\int{2{{(2x-3)}^{\tfrac{2}{3}}}dx}$

Question 35

Differentiate (2x + 5)2 (x – 4) with respect to x

Question 36

Find the area bounded by the curve $y=4-{{x}^{2}}$and $y=2x+1$

Question 37

Find the rate of change of the V of a sphere with respect to its radius r when r =1

Question 38

If $y=x\sin x$ find $\frac{dy}{dx}$ when $x=\tfrac{\pi }{2}$

Question 39

Find the dimension of the rectangle of greatest areas which has a fixed perimeter p.

Question 40















Find the square of the mode