Maths Question
Question 1

Without using tables evaluate ${{(343)}^{\tfrac{1}{2}}}\times {{(0.14)}^{-1}}\times {{(25)}^{-\tfrac{1}{2}}}$

Question 2

In a school, 220 students offer Biology or Mathematics or both 125 offer Biology and 110 Mathematics. How many offer Biology but not Mathematics?

Question 3

Simplify 52.4 – 5.7 – 3.45 – 1.75

Question 4

Simplify ${{(\sqrt{0.7}+\sqrt{70})}^{2}}$

Question 5

Evaluate $\frac{0.21\times 0.72\times 0.00054}{0.006\times 1.68\times 0.063}$ correct to four significant figures. 

Question 6

A trader bought goats for N4,000 each. He sold them for N180,000at a loss of 25%. How many goats did he buy?

Question 7

If $\frac{dy}{dx}=2x-3$and y = 3 when x = 0. Find y in terms of x

Question 8

Find the derivative of y =sin25x with respect to

Question 9

The slope of the tangent to the curve $y=3{{x}^{2}}-2x+5$at the point (1,6) is

Question 10

Evaluate $\int{\sin 3xdx}$

Question 11

A circle with radius 5cm has its radius increasing at the rate of 0.2cms-1. What will be the corresponding increase in the area?

Question 12

If $y={{x}^{2}}-\frac{1}{x},$find $\frac{dy}{dx}$

Question 13

Use the graph above to find the value if $px+qy\le 4$

Question 14

Solve the equation${{x}^{3}}-5{{x}^{2}}-x+5=0$ 

Question 15

The time taken to a piece of work is inversely proportional to the number of men employed. If it takes 45 men to do a piece of work in 5 days, how long will it take 25 men?

Question 16

If $P=\left( \begin{matrix}   2 & 1  \\   -3 & 0  \\\end{matrix} \right)$ and I is a 2 × 2 unit matrix. Evaluate ${{p}^{2}}-2p+4I$

Question 17

Find the range of values of x for which $\frac{x+2}{4}-\frac{2x-3}{3}<4$

Question 18

Find the maximum value of y in the equation $y=1-2x-3{{x}^{2}}$

Question 19

If the 9th term of an AP is fives times the 5th term, find the relationship between a and d

Question 20

Make r the subject of the formula $\frac{x}{r+a}=\frac{a}{r}$

Question 21

The inverse of the function $f(x)=3x+4$ is

Question 22

If –2 is the solution of the equation  2x + 1 – 3c = 2c + 3x – 7, find the value of c

Question 23

The binary operation $*$ is defined on the set of integers p and q by $p*q=pq+p+q,$find $2*(3*4)$

Question 24

If $N=\left( \begin{matrix}   3 & 5 & -4  \\   6 & -3 & -5  \\   -2 & 2 & 1  \\\end{matrix} \right)$, find $\left| N \right|$

Question 25

The sum to infinity of the series $1+\tfrac{1}{3}+\tfrac{1}{9}+\tfrac{1}{27}+---$ is

Question 26

If x varies directly as $\sqrt{n}$and x = 9 when n = 9, find x when n = $\frac{17}{9}$

Question 27

In the diagram above, PST is a straight line $PQ=QS=RS$, if $\angle RST={{72}^{\circ }}$, find x 

Question 28

A  chord of a circle subtends an angle of 120oat the centre of a circle of diameter $4\sqrt{3}cm$. Calculate the area of the major sector.

Question 29

Find the equation of the set of points which are equidistant from the parallel line x =1 and x = 7

Question 30

In the diagram above, XZ is the diameter of the circle XYZW with center O and radius $\tfrac{15}{2}cm$. If XY =12 cm, find the area of the triangle XYZ

Question 31

If $\tan \theta =\tfrac{4}{3}$, calculate ${{\sin }^{2}}\theta -{{\cos }^{2}}\theta $

Question 32

In the diagram above are two concentric circles of radii r and R respectively with centre O. If $r=\tfrac{2}{5}R$, express the area of the shaded portion in term of $\pi $and R

Question 33

A bucket is 12cm in diameter at the top, 8cm in diameter at the bottom and 4cm deep. Calculate its volume.

Question 34

In the diagram above, a cylinder is surmounted by a hemispherical bowl. Calculate the volume of the solid.

Question 35

The sum of the interior angles of a polygon is 20 right angles. How many sides does the polygon have?

Question 36

Find the coordinate of the midpoint of x and y intercept of the line $2y=4x-8$

Question 37

A hunter 1.6m tall views a bird on top of a tree at an angle of 45o. If the distance between the hunter and the tree is 10.4m. Find the height of the tree.

Question 38

A solid hemisphere has radius 7cm. Find the total surface area (Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7} )

Question 39

Find the value of $\alpha $if the line $2y-\alpha x+4=0$is perpendicular to the line $y+\tfrac{1}{4}x-7=0$

Question 40

The triangle PQR above is