Maths Question
Question 1

Evaluate ${{\log }_{\sqrt{2}}}4+{{\log }_{\tfrac{1}{2}}}16-{{\log }_{4}}32$

Question 2

Simplify ${{213}_{4}}\times {{23}_{4}}$

Question 3

In a  class of 40 students, 32 offers Mathematics, 24 offers physics and 4 offers neither Mathematics nor physics. How  many offer both Mathematics and Physics?

Question 4

Find ${{\left( \frac{1}{0.06}\div \frac{1}{0.042} \right)}^{-1}}$

Question 5

A woman buys 270 oranges for N1800.00 and sell at 5 for N40.00. What is her profit?

Question 6

Simplify $1-\left( 2\tfrac{1}{3}\times 1\tfrac{1}{4} \right)+\tfrac{3}{5}$

Question 7

Simplify $\frac{\sqrt{98}-\sqrt{50}}{\sqrt{32}}$

Question 8

A cinema hall contains a certain number of people. If 22½% are children,47½ %are men and 84 are women, find the number of men in the hall

Question 9

If $\frac{{{9}^{2x-1}}}{{{27}^{x+1}}}=1$Find the value of x

Question 10

The sum of four number is 12145. What is the average expression in base 5

Question 11

Given U ={Even number between 0 and 32 }

         = {Multiples of 6 between 0 and 30}

         Q ={Multiples of 4 between 0 and 30}

Find ${{(P\cup Q)}^{c}}$

Question 12

x varies directly as the product of u and v and inversely as their sum. If x =3 when u = 3 and v =1. What is the value of x if u = 3 and v =3

Question 13

Find the range of value of x satisfying the inequalities $5+x\le 8$ and $13+x\ge 7$

Question 14

$\left| \begin{matrix}   -x & 2  \\   4x & 1  \\\end{matrix} \right|=\left| \begin{matrix}   3 & 3x  \\   4 & -5  \\\end{matrix} \right|$, find the value of x

Question 15

The graph of the function $y={{x}^{2}}+4$and the straight line PQ are drawn to solve the equation ${{x}^{2}}-3x+2=0$. What is the equation PQ

Question 16

The length a person can jump is inversely proportional to his weight. If a 20kg person can jump 1.5m. Find the constant of proportionality

Question 17

Find the value of x and y respectively if $3x-5y+5=0$and $4x-7y+8=0$ 

Question 18

Three consecutive term of a geometric progression are given as n – 2, n, n + 3. Find the common ratio

Question 19

Triangle OPQ above is  the solution of the inequalities

Question 20

Factorize completely$4abx-2axy-12{{b}^{2}}x+6bxy$

Question 21

A matrix P has an inverse ${{P}^{-1}}=\left( \begin{matrix}   1 & -3  \\   0 & 1  \\\end{matrix} \right)$find P

Question 22

The sum of the first term of an arithmetic progression is 252, if the first term is –16 and the last term is 72. Find the number of terms in the series.

Question 23

An arc of a circle subtends an angle of 30oon the circumference of radius 21cm. Find the length of the arc. [take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$]

Question 24

Find the equation of the locus of a point P(x, y), which is equidistant from Q (0, 0) and R (2, 1)

Question 25

In the diagram above PQ is parallel to RS. What is the $\alpha +\beta +\gamma $

Question 26

A trapezium has two parallel sides of length 5cm and 9cm. If the area is 21cm2. Find the distance between the parallel sides.

Question 27

Which of the following is the graph of $\sin \theta $for $-\frac{\pi }{2}\le \theta \le \frac{3\pi }{2}$

Question 28

 In the diagram above, O is the centre of the circle, POM is a diameter and $\angle MNQ={{42}^{\text{o}}}$. Calculate $\angle QMP$  

Question 29

Find the value of P, if the line which passes through (– 1, –p) and (–2p, 2) is parallel to the line $2y+8x-17=0$

Question 30

An aeroplane flies due North from airport P to Q and then flies due east to R. If Q is equidistant from P and R, find the bearing of P from R

Question 31

 The locus of a point P which moves on one only of a straight line XY so that $\angle XPY={{90}^{o}}$ is



Question 32

If $\frac{\pi }{2}\le \theta \le 2\pi $, Find the maximum value of $f(\theta )=\frac{4}{6+2\cos \theta }$

Question 33

XYZ is a circle centre O and radius 7cm.Find the area of the shaded portion.

Question 34

A triangle has vertices P( –1,6), Q(–3, –4) and R (1, –4). Find the midpoint PQ and QR respectively

Question 35

In the diagram above, PQR is a straight line and PS is a straight line and PS is a tangent to the circle QRS with $\left| PS \right|=\left| SR \right|$ and $\angle SPR={{40}^{o}}$.Find $\angle PSQ$

Question 36

Find the slope of the curve $y=2{{x}^{2}}+5x-3$at (1,4) 

Question 37

Evaluate $\int_{2}^{3}{({{x}^{2}}-2x)dx}$ 

Question 38

If $y=3\sin (-4x),\frac{dy}{dx}\text{ is }$

Question 39

Determine the maximum value of $y=3{{x}^{2}}-{{x}^{3}}$

Question 40

By how much is the mean of 30, 56, 31, 55, 43, and 44 less than  the median?