Maths Question
Question 1

Evaluate $1011_{2}^{2}-101_{2}^{2}$

Question 2

If X10 = 12145, find X

Question 3

Simplify $\tfrac{3}{5}\div (\tfrac{2}{7}\times \tfrac{4}{3}\div \tfrac{4}{9})$

Question 4

Evaluate $\frac{{{(0.5625)}^{2}}-{{(0.4375)}^{2}}}{0.04}$ correct to 3 significant figures

Question 5

A man made a profit of 5%when he sold an article for N60, 000. How much would he have to sell the article to make a profit?

Question 6

The sum of the ages of Musa and Lawal is 28 years. After sharing a certain sum of money in the ratio of their ages, Musa get N600 and Lawal N800. How is old is Lawal?

Question 7

Find the value of x for which $2({{3}^{2x-1}})=162$

Question 8

If${{\log }_{10}}2=x,$express ${{\log }_{10}}12.5$in terms of x

Question 9

Find y, if $\sqrt{12}-\sqrt{147}+y\sqrt{3}=0$

Question 10

Given P = {1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11} and Q ={2, 4, 6, 8,10, 12}. Determine the relationship between P and Q

Question 11

If X = { all perfect square less than 40} and Y = {all odd numbers from 1 to 15}. Find $X\cap Y$

Question 12

Make l  the subject of the formula $d=\sqrt{\frac{42w}{5l}}$

Question 13

Factorize $2{{t}^{2}}+t-15$

Question 14

The graph above is represented by

Question 15

$W\propto {{L}^{2}}$and W = 6 and L = 4, if L = $\sqrt{17}$, find W

Question 16

The solution of the quadratic inequality is $({{x}^{2}}+x-12)\ge 0$is

Question 17
Question 18

The nth term of the sequence $\tfrac{3}{2},3,7,16,35,74,-,-,-$ is

Question 19

Find the sum to infinity of the series $2+\tfrac{3}{2}+\tfrac{9}{8}+\tfrac{27}{32}+---$

Question 20

A binary operation $\oplus $ on real numbers is defined by $x\oplus y=xy+x+y$for any two real numbers x and y . The value of $(-\tfrac{3}{4})\oplus 6$ is

Question 21

Question 21
A binary operation $\Delta $is defined by $a\Delta b=a+b+1$for any real number a and b, Find the inverse of the real number 7 under the operation$\Delta $, if the identity element is -1

Question 22

$\left( \begin{matrix}   3 & -2  \\   -7 & 5  \\\end{matrix} \right)+2\left( \begin{matrix}   -2 & 4  \\   3 & -1  \\\end{matrix} \right)$

Question 23

If f(x) = 3x – 2, P =$\left( \begin{matrix}   2 & 1  \\   -1 & 0  \\\end{matrix} \right)$and I is 2 × 2, identity matrix, evaluate f(p)

Question 24

If the lines $2y-kx+2=0$and $y+x-\tfrac{k}{2}=0$intersect at (1, – 2). Find the value of k

Question 25

Find the size of each exterior angle of a regular octagon

Question 26

In the parallelogram PQRS above, find angle SQR

Question 27

The area of a square is 144sq.cm, find the length of the diagonal

Question 28

Calculate the length of an arc of a circle of diameter 14cm which subtends an angle of 90o at the centre of the circle

Question 29

The volume of hemispherical bowl is 718$\tfrac{2}{3}$ cm. Find its radius

Question 30

Find the locus of the points equidistant from two straight line lines $y-5=0$ and $y-3=0$

Question 31

A particle moves P between points S and T such that SPT is always constant. Find the locus of P

Question 32

What is the value of K, if the mid – point of the line joining $(1-k,-4)$and $(2,k+1)$is $(-k,k)$

Question 33

If the lines $3y=4x-1$and $qy=x+3$are parallel to each other, the value of q is

Question 34

Find the value of $\frac{\tan {{60}^{o}}-\tan {{30}^{o}}}{\tan {{60}^{o}}+\tan {{30}^{o}}}$

Question 35

A man 40m from the foot of tower observes the angle of elevation of the tower to be 30o. Determine the height of the tower

Question 36

If $y=x\cos x$find $\frac{dy}{dx}$

Question 37

If $y={{(1+x)}^{2}},$find $\frac{dy}{dx}$

Question 38

Find the value of x for which the function $f(x)=2{{x}^{3}}-{{x}^{2}}-4x+4$has a maximum value

Question 39

Integrate $\frac{{{x}^{2}}-\sqrt{x}}{x}$ with respect x

Question 40

Determine the value of $\int\limits_{0}^{\tfrac{\pi }{2}}{(-2\cos x)dx}$