Maths Question
Question 1

Add 11012, 101112 , and 1112

Question 2

If 125x = 2010 find x

Question 3

Evaluate $\frac{\tfrac{3}{8}\div \tfrac{1}{2}-\tfrac{1}{3}}{\tfrac{1}{8}\times \tfrac{2}{3}+\tfrac{1}{3}}$

Question 4

Express 123456 to 3 significant figure

Question 5

Calculate the simple interest on N7 500 for 8 years at 5% per annum

Question 6

The cost of kerosene per litre increases from N 60 to N 85. What is the percentage rate of increase

Question 7

Simplify ${{16}^{-\tfrac{1}{2}}}\times {{4}^{-\tfrac{1}{2}}}\times {{27}^{\tfrac{1}{3}}}$

Question 8

If ${{\log }_{{{x}^{\tfrac{1}{2}}}}}64=3$, find the value of x

Question 9

If $\frac{1+\sqrt{2}}{1-\sqrt{2}}$is expressed in the form $x+y\sqrt{2}$, find the values of x and y

Question 10

If $X=\{{{n}^{2}}+1:n=0,2,3\}$and $Y=\{n+1:n=2,3,5\}$ find $X\cap Y$

Question 11

A bookseller sells Mathematics and English books. If 30 customers buy Mathematics books, 20 customers buy English books and 10 customers buy the two books, how many customers has he altogether?

Question 12

Make Q the subject of the formula, when $L=\frac{4}{3}M\sqrt{PQ}$

Question 13

If $2{{x}^{2}}-kx-12$is divisible by $x-4$, find the value of k

Question 14

Factorize completely ${{(4x+3y)}^{2}}-{{(3x-2y)}^{2}}$

Question 15

If x – 3 is directly proportional to the square of y and x = 5 when y = 2, find x when y = 6

Question 16

If p varies inversely as the square of q and p = 8 when q = 4, find when p = 32

Question 17

Find the range of value of x which satisfy the inequality $4x-7\le 3x\text{ and }3x-4\le 4x$

Question 18

Solve the quadratic inequality ${{x}^{2}}-5x+6\ge 0$

Question 19

The shaded area that gives the solution set for the inequalities $x+y\le 3,x-y\le 3$, is

Question 20

The fifth term of AP is 24, and eleventh term is 96. Find the first term

Question 21

A binary operation * defined on the set of positive integer is such that that $x*y=2x-3y+2$ for all positive integers x and y. The binary operation is

Question 22

A binary operation on the set of real numbers excluding –1 is such  that, for all m, n $\varepsilon $ R, $m\Delta n=m+n+mn$. Find the identity element of the operation

Question 23

Find the value of x and y respectively if $\left( \begin{matrix}   1 & 0  \\   -1 & -1  \\   2 & 2  \\\end{matrix} \right)+\left( \begin{matrix}   x & 1  \\   -1 & 0  \\   y & -2  \\\end{matrix} \right)=\left( \begin{matrix}   -2 & 1  \\   -2 & -1  \\   -3 & 0  \\\end{matrix} \right)$

Question 24

If $\left( \begin{matrix}   -2 & 1  \\   2 & 3  \\\end{matrix} \right)\left( \begin{matrix}   p & q  \\   r & s  \\\end{matrix} \right)=\left( \begin{matrix}   1 & 0  \\   0 & 1  \\\end{matrix} \right),$what is the value of r

Question 25

In the diagram above $PQ\parallel RS$, the size of the angle marked x is

Question 26

Find the exterior angle of a 12 sided regular polygon

Question 27

In the diagram above $\angle OPQ$is

Question 28

Find the area of the figure above

Question 29

Find the angle subtends at the centre of a circle by a chord which is equal in length to the radius of the circle.

Question 30

Find the capacity in litres of cylindrical well of 1 metre and depth 14cm. 

Question 31

The locus of a point equidistant from two point P(6,2) and R (4,2) is perpendicular bisector of PR passing through

Question 32

Find the gradient of a line which is perpendicular to the line with the equation $3x+2y+1=0$

Question 33

Calculate the distance between L ( –1, –6) and M(–3, –5)

Question 34

If $\sin \theta =\frac{3}{5}$, find $\tan \theta $

Question 35

A student sitting on a tower 68 metres high observes his principal car at an angle of depression of 20o. How far is the car from the bottom of the tower to the nearest metres?

Question 36

Find the derivative of $y=\frac{{{x}^{7}}-{{x}^{5}}}{{{x}^{4}}}$

Question 37

Differentiate sin xx cos x

Question 38

Find the minimal value of the function $y=x(1+x)$

Question 39

Evaluate $\int_{1}^{2}{(6{{x}^{2}}-2x)dx}$

Question 40

On a pie chart, there are six sectors of which four are 30o, 45o, 60o, 90o and the remaining two angles are in ration 2:1. Find the smaller angles of the remaining two angles