Maths Question
Question 1

Subtract 164189 from 186309

Question 2

If 55x +52x =7710, find x

Question 3

Simplify $7\tfrac{1}{12}-4\tfrac{3}{4}+2\tfrac{1}{2}$

Question 4

Evaluate $\frac{81.81+99.44}{20.09+36.16}$

Question 5

A man brought a second – hand photocopy machine for N34,000. He serviced it at a cost of N2,000 and sold it a profit of 15%. What was the selling price?

Question 6

A student spent $\tfrac{1}{5}$of his allowance on books, $\tfrac{1}{3}$of the reminder on food and kept the rest for contingencies. What fraction was kept.

Question 7

Solve ${{5}^{2(x-1)}}\times {{5}^{x+1}}=0.04$

Question 8

If ${{\log }_{10}}2=0.3010\text{ and }{{\log }_{10}}7=0.8451$ evaluate ${{\log }_{10}}280$

Question 9

Simplify $\frac{5+\sqrt{7}}{3+\sqrt{7}}$

Question 10

If $x=\{{{n}^{2}}+1:\text{ }n\text{ is a positive and }1\le n\le 5\}$

$y=\{5n:n\text{ is a positive integer and }1\le n\le 5\}$

find $x\cap y$

Question 11

I.  $S\cap T\cap W=S$

II. $S\cup T\cup W=W$

III. $T\cap W=S$


If  $S\subset T\subset W,$which of the above statement are true

Question 12

If $P=\sqrt{\frac{r{{s}^{3}}}{t}},$express r in term of p, s and t

Question 13

A polynomial in x whose roots are $\tfrac{4}{3}$ and $-\tfrac{3}{5}$ is

Question 14

Which of the following represent the graph above?

Question 15

W is directly proportional to U. If W =5 when U = 3. Find U when W =$\tfrac{2}{7}$

Question 16

Determine the value of x for which $({{x}^{2}}-1)>0$

Question 17

Find the range of value for which $3x-7\le 0$ and $x+5>0$

Question 18

The sum of the first n term of the arithmetic progression 5,11,17,23,29,35, –, –,–

Question 19

Find to infinity, the sum of the sequence $1,\tfrac{9}{10},{{(\tfrac{9}{10})}^{2}},{{(\tfrac{9}{10})}^{3}}\cdot \cdot \cdot $

Question 20

If $m*n=n-(m+2)$for any real number m and n find the value of $3*(-5)$

Question 21

A binary operation $\otimes $defined on the set of integers is such that m$\otimes $n = m + n + mn for all integers m and n. Find the inverse of  –5 under this operation, if the identity element is 0

Question 22

If $Q=\left( \begin{matrix}   9 & -2  \\   -7 & 4  \\\end{matrix} \right),\text{then }\left| Q \right|\text{is}$

Question 23

If $\left( \begin{matrix}   x+3 & x+2  \\   x+1 & x-1  \\\end{matrix} \right)$, evaluate x if $\left| P \right|=-10$

Question 24

Find the angle between the straight line $y=x\,\text{and }y=\sqrt{3}x$

Question 25

A regular polygon has 150o as the size of each interior angle. How many sides does it have?

Question 26

In the figure above $TS\parallel XY$and XY = TY, $\angle STZ={{34}^{\circ }},\text{ }\angle TXY={{47}^{\circ }}$find the angle marked n

Question 27

If the hypotenuse of a right – angle isosceles triangle is 2cm. What is the area of the triangle?

Question 28

A chord is drawn 5cm away from the centre of a circle of radius is 13cm. Calculate the length of the chord.

Question 29

Find the radius of a sphere whose surface area is 154 cm2

Question 30

Find the locus of a particle which moves in the first quadrant so that it is equidistant from the line x = 0 and y = 0 (where k is a constant)

Qustion 31

What is the locus of the mid-point of all chords of length 6cm with a circle of radius 5cm and with centre O                       

Question 32

What is the value of P if the gradient of the line joining ( – 1,p) and (p, 4) is $\tfrac{2}{3}$

Question 33

What is the value of r, if the distance between the point(4, 2) and (1,r) is 3 units

Question 34

Find the value of sin45o – cos 30o

Question 35

A cliff on the bank of a river is 300 metres high. If the angles of depression of a point on the opposite side of the river is 60o. Find  the width of the river.

Question 36

If $y=3\cos 4x,\text{ }\frac{dy}{dx}$ equals

Question 37

If $s=(2+3t)(5t-4),\text{ find }\frac{ds}{dt}$ when t = $\tfrac{4}{5}$secs.

Question 38

What is the value of x will make the function $x(4-x)$ a maximum?

Question 39

The distance travelled by a particle from a fixed point is given as $s={{t}^{3}}-{{t}^{2}}-t+5$find the minimum distance that the particle can cover from the fixed point.

Question 40

Evaluate $\int{{{\sec }^{2}}\theta }d\theta $