Maths Question
Question 1

Which Question Paper Type of Mathematics is given to you?

Question 2

If 2q35 = 778, find q

Question 3

Simplify $\frac{3\tfrac{2}{3}\times \tfrac{5}{6}\times \tfrac{2}{3}}{\tfrac{11}{15}\times \tfrac{3}{4}\times \tfrac{2}{27}}$

Question 4

A man invested N5000 for 9 months at 4%. What is the simple interest?

Question 5

If the number M,N,Q are in the ratio 5:4:3. Find the value of $\frac{2N-Q}{M}$

Question 6

Simplify ${{\left( \frac{16}{81} \right)}^{\tfrac{1}{4}}}\div {{\left( \frac{9}{16} \right)}^{-\tfrac{1}{2}}}$

Question 7

If ${{\log }_{3}}18+{{\log }_{3}}3-{{\log }_{3}}x=\log 3,$ find x

Question 8

Rationalize $\frac{2-\sqrt{5}}{3-\sqrt{5}}$

Question 9

Simplify $\left( \sqrt{2}+\frac{1}{\sqrt{3}} \right)\left( \sqrt{2}-\frac{1}{\sqrt{3}} \right)$

Question 10

From the venn diagram, above, the complement of the set is given by

Question 11

Raila has 7 different posters to be hanged in her bedroom, living room and kitchen. Assuming she has plans to place at least a poster in each of the 3 rooms how many choices does she have?

Question 12

Make R the subject of the formula if  $T=\frac{K{{R}^{2}}+M}{3}$

Question 13

Find the remainder when ${{x}^{3}}-2{{x}^{2}}+3x-3$is divided by ${{x}^{2}}+1$

Question 14

Factorize completely $9{{y}^{2}}-16{{x}^{2}}$

Questionn 15

Solve for x and y respectively in the simultaneous equations$\begin{align}  & -2x-5y=3 \\ & x+3y=0 \\\end{align}$

Question 16

If x varies directly as square root of y and x = 81 when y =9, find x when y = $1\tfrac{7}{9}$

Question 17

T varies inversely as the cubes of R, when R =3, T = $\tfrac{2}{81}$, find T when R = 2

Question 18
Question 19

Solve the inequality $-6(x+3)\le 4(x-2)$

Question 20

Solve the inequality ${{x}^{2}}+2x>15$

Question 21

Find the sum of the first 18 terms of the series 3, 6, 9, -, -, -, 36.

Question 22

The second term of a geometric series is 4, while the fourth term is 16. Find the sum of the first five terms

Question 23

A binary operation $\oplus $on real number us defined by $x\oplus y=xy+x+y$for two real numbers x and y. Find the value of $3\oplus -\tfrac{2}{3}$

Question 24

If $\left| \begin{matrix}   2 & 3  \\   5 & 3x  \\\end{matrix} \right|=\left| \begin{matrix}   4 & 1  \\   3 & 2x  \\\end{matrix} \right|$ find the value of x

Question 25

Evaluate $\left| \begin{matrix}   4 & 2 & -1  \\   2 & 3 & -1  \\   -1 & 1 & 3  \\\end{matrix} \right|$

Question 26

The inverse of matrix N =$\left( \begin{matrix}   2 & 3  \\   1 & 4  \\\end{matrix} \right)$ is

Question 27

What is the size of each interior angle of a 12–sided regular polygon? 

Question 28

A circle of perimeter 28cm is opened to form a square. What is the maximum possible area of the square?

Question 29

A chord of a circle of radius 7cm is 5cm from the centre of the circle. What is the length of the chord?

Question 30

A solid metal of side 3 cm is placed I a rectangular tank of dimension 3, 4 and 5 cm. What volume of water can the tank hold?

Question 31

The perpendicular bisector of a line XY is the locus of a point.

Question 31

The perpendicular bisector of a line XY is the locus of a point.

Question 32

The midpoint of P (x, y) and Q (8, 6) is (5, 8). Find x and y.

Question 33

Find the equation of a line perpendicular to the line 2y = 5x + 4 which passes (4, 2).

Question 34

In a right angle triangle, if tan θ = ¾ what is cos θsin θ

Question 35

A man walks 100m due west from a point X to Y, he then walks 100m due North to a point Z. Find the bearing of X from Z

Question 36

The derivative of $(2x+1)(3x+1)$ is

Question 37

Find the derivative of $\frac{\sin \theta }{\cos \theta }$

Question 38

Find the value of x at the minimum point of the curve $y={{x}^{3}}+{{x}^{2}}-x+1$

Question 39

Evaluate $\int\limits_{0}^{1}{(3-2x)dx}$